What We do

Our in house services can offer all your fulfillment needs in one place.

We work with artists to ensure the quality and integrity of every printed piece and our in house system is set up to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our camera, monitors and printers are profiled and calibrated in-house to work together seamlessly to provide superior results.



We use a full frame, high resolution camera to photograph artwork for reproduction. Our set up, lighting and camera are calibrated to ensure accurate color reproduction in the final results. 

Color Proofing

For Artists in the Chicago area, we are happy to have you in the shop to do color proofing and inspections on site, but we can also generate ( approx 11 x 14) color proofs for review.


Our in house process focuses on digital printing with archival pigments on acid free, archival papers. We also work with artists to produce screen prints, lithographs, letterpress, etchings as well as woodblock and monoprints. What ever your art print needs are, feel free to reach out, we'd love to discuss!


All of our papers are acid free and archival, we are happy to source any type of paper you're looking for if we don't have it in stock. We stock a variety of papers with various textures and finishes. 


We use only acid free and archival materials for framing along with UV protected glass and plexi. Find out more in our Framing Services section or contact us, info@deniedart.com



From individual prints to large editions, we're happy to handle all your shipping needs for you as part of our process.

Additional Services

Hand Deckled Paper

For cut sheets or roll paper, we can create a torn edge effect which mimics the style of handmade paper. 

Embossing & Numbering

We're more than happy to help number your print editions. We can also apply a chop mark or embossed mark for you, however, we do ask that you supply the embossing stamp. If you're interested in this service, but do not have an embossed stamp, contact us, we're happy to help you design or source it!