Half-man, Half Kneelinghorse

Darryl Kneelinghorse is the alias and pseudonym for Artist and musician Derek Niedringhaus. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting with a minor in Printmaking. He has 20 years of professional experience as a creative, working in various roles within the design industry, mostly focused on experience design and most recently as a leader and mentor of designers. 

The art of Kneelinghorse focuses on projective space, linear perspective and the narrative of landscape as a projection of time. The landscape is an indelible template for Kneelinghorse who was born and raised in the midwest amongst the farm fields and prairies of Illinois. His landscapes are typically populated with objects he calls "totems" that are tall, pole or monolith like objects. They are typically black and can almost always be found in some form within his work.

These totems represent both future and past events which when placed within the landscape, they represent physical distance, separation and time. The landscape provides a template for our memories and future aspirations, which Kneelinghorse uses to create his fictional landscapes as a visual language filled with patterns and the repeated use of certain objects or forms.

Paintings and Prints